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"A Miraculous Recovery" Given Three Months To Live Prior to Seeing a Sleep Cardiologist, Severe Heart Failure Normalized.

My name is James R. Sanders. I am a 71 year old male, member of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits). I work at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, San Jose, California as an assistant to the Pastor.

I came to Doctor Antonio Chan because my previous Cardiologist was going to continue treatment for Congestive Heart Failure in the same manner as he had been for a number of years which was to give me pills and hope for the best. The problem began in 2000 with atrial fibrillation. For which I was medicated. This did not work so after a year of treatments, my doctor suggested an operation called Ablation which worked for about a year. The fibrillation began again and we ablated again. This time they had to implant a pacemaker to keep me alive "because I had cardiac arrest on the table.

Next I was sent to a have a sleep test and the doctor said that I should try a C-pap machine. I did for about a month and because of the difficulty with getting use to the old machines and the strength of air flow, I discontinued using the machine. An almost fatal mistake, I believe the Doctor in this case did not explain the dangers of not using the machine and the importance of its use. His nurses did all or most of the work and I don't remember sitting down with him for longer than 10 minutes total.

Also I was transferred to San Jose in 2002 and soon forgot about the apnea.

Because of the continuation of the problem with atrial fibrillation and worsening heart failure, I started seeing another Cardiologist in San Jose. He never mentioned sleep apnea at any time. We were considering another Ablation. By the time my medical bills were over $300,000. In the meantime I had another hospitalization for Congestive Heart Failure. This time, when released from the hospital and having discovered Dr Antonio Chan through an acquaintance, I made an appointment with him.

I had nothing to lose since I was given 4 months to live by my previous cardiologist. Dr. Chan is one of the very few board-certified in Cardiology and Sleep Medicine in the U.S. At the time I saw Dr. Chan, he was the only one in California with this very specialized background that I know of.

When I arrived for my first appointment with Dr. Chan, his first question was "do you snore?" "Do you wake up feeling tired?" I told him the story of my heart problems and he began to diagnose the root of the problem. Always carefully explaining to a very concerned patient what we were doing. I have found Dr. Chan to be the most thorough and professional Doctor I have ever had! He takes the time to answer questions and tries to head off any misunderstanding ng before it happens. His methods insure, I believe, understanding of the problems the patients as to the need for various diagnostic tests and treatments and explains the results exhaustively. After my last hospitalization for CHF,I had an ejection fraction of 26°/o which I understand is about less than half normal rate of greater than 55% and is consistent with very severe heart failure and if not improved would be fatal.

The results have been spectacular! Within a year my ejection fraction had risen to 36. The atrial fibrillation had converted to " normal sinus rhythm." In retrospect, I did not need the over $300,000 ablation and hospitalizations had my sleep apnea was diagnosed earlier and treated aggressively with close supervision by knowledgeable sleep cardiologist. Within two years the ejection fraction rose to52°/o and the last echocardiogram test, the ejection fraction was normal 56%. It meant my severe end-stage heart failure for which "I was given four months to love by my cardiologist" had returned to normal under the care of Dr. Chan. Overall my heart is near normal in size. The last 3 years my ejection fraction consistently average about 56°/o and I have lived 5 years longer than I expected.

My heart has been in sinus rhythm for well over two years, so the pacemaker is irrelevant and not needed at this time. My shortness of breath and easy fatigability has disappeared. I went to Catalina island and hiked without difficulty.

As an example of my recovery and with the approval of both my cardiologist (Dr. Chan} and my Parkinson Doctor I completed a 75 mile walk through Portugal and Spain two months ago. Something I tried to do in 2007 and was unable to complete due to the severe heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Having carried the heavy BIPAP machine (for sleep apnea) on my back, Dr. Chan was kind enough to provide me a newer, lighter CPAP free of rental charges.

Completing my pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella (The Way of St. James) has been my life-long dream. I finally had done it!

I attribute these remarkable results to the Care of Dr Antonio Chan.

August 13, 2012
Brother James Sanders
Most Holy Trinity Church, San Jose, CA

"I was very hesitant to post this Testimonial of Brother James Sanders, but he insisted that I do, that I use his real name, so other patients could learn from his experience." .....Dr. AQ Chan

From a Physician Patient of Dr. Chan


I wish to share a true story with our colleagues and friends. This has cropped up last month as a result of Pilipino-American physicians engaged in the Internet, discussing varieties of subjects and our experiences, observations, opinions, etc. - our paradigm blog.

Antonio Q. Chan, MD (UST) of Chanwell Clinic of California wrote of treating an 82-year-old patient from Dongguan, China. His doctors in China gave up on him with intractable worsening heart failure. “Patient was in Class IV heart failure, severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), atrial fibrillation, severe pulmonary hypertension, diabetes; wheel-chair bound -- now heart is restored to Class I CHF after five months of treatment; able to walk 3-4 miles without symptoms, pulmonary hypertension reversed with restoration of normal sinus rhythm and well-controlled diabetes, hypertension after OSA was treated.” A good number of bloggers highly congratulated Dr. Chan with their kind comments and opinion.

The following was my email to Dr. Chan:

“Dr. Chan, you fervently uphold the highest ideals of the medical profession as written in The Oath of Hippocrates, circa 400 B.C. The 82-year-old patient is just an example of the brilliant medical services you have offered. This is to inspire, to motivate and to influence others. You are another role model particularly for members of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) medical alumni community.

“Knowing you have served patients worldwide, patients of prominence, you have been called to make "house calls" on the leaders of India, Cambodia; those coming from our country Philippine Presidents, Cabinet members, Congressional

leaders Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, Cardinals, Bishops, CEOs; as well as from China, Taiwan, Singapore. You have lectured worldwide throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia in your field of expertise of Sleep Cardiology. You have given freely your valuable time in teaching current and next generations of physicians about the dangers of poor sleep in the development of serious hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancers and accidents.

“No one can surpass of what you have accomplished. What a story to be told! Write your story. A story, a chapter in your life that may unfold for there are valuable lessons that will widen the horizon of your perspective. Let’s learn from those lessons! Let’s enrich ours! Let’s reach others lives! Together, let’s touch the world! ? Some people stand out with their great qualities and you are one of those people. You engage to be the best you could ever be, very willing to help and compassionate to all your patients and others.

“I have known Dr. Chan for only 4 years. The first time we met when we were both participating in the FEU Reunion CME Scientific lecture in Las Vegas last 2011. He is a superb lecturer and a teacher. He became my good friend and my healer! He is very friendly to everyone.

“We rarely see a physician the likes of Dr. Antonio Chan. His successes and achievements in his chosen field of specialties, research and an academician are impressive is an understatement. Dr. Chan is a man who not only achieved so much in his medical services to patients worldwide, he is also an educator. I consider him a friend, highly deserving of my profound respect and admiration based on the organic structure of his personality, which includes experience, skill, responsibility, and whose compassion, integrity, and intelligence are beyond reproach.”

I will never forget what he said: “I believe that we are on track to conquer these dreaded diseases by education in general and maintaining normal restorative sleep, exercise, tranquility in particular -- through which good health and longevity flow. Advances in pharmacotherapies and device therapies bring hope to those who felt hopeless and are given up by their doctors.”

I wrote this brief piece because I believe it is a subject that inspires and enlighten the heart , mind and soul. He practices the highest order of scientific advanced medicine in the community. What you impressed, you expressed. You may call this as my testimonial.

Dr. Chan has recently opened the Chanwell Clinic Institute for Heart & Sleep Disorders at 2749 Sunridge Heights Pkwy Henderson, NV 89052, Tel (702) 834-5733. Dr. Chan is the Medical Director. He was Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a world expert in both Cardiology and Sleep Medicine; one of the very few in America.

For Wellness and Longevity, a quote to ponder: “In recent years, we have seen technology advance at lightning speed, allowing us to accomplish lifesaving feats never imagined before. It is our responsibility to ensure that these advances are used for positive medical breakthroughs, and not allowed to restrict rights or limit access to health insurance or job opportunities.” - Evan Bayh.

Dr. Chan stated: “God gave me the gift of knowledge to heal, to inquire and to discover new avenues to make lives better -- and share these with our fellowmen.”

To maintain our good health, we must use these advances in medicine, especially diagnosis and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Dr. Cesar Candari. retired physician pathologist, Henderson, Nevada, February 2, 2015

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